Full Circle Furniture


Like the idea of being an eco-warrior but you're not sure where to start?

In todays world of 'stuff' many of us find we hold on to pieces of furniture and homeware that no longer spark joy. They're sequestered to the obligatory loft or garage. 

We would like to help you declutter and redistribute these pieces that you no longer feel the love for. 

When you make a purchase from Maison Macaron bring in one of your unloved pieces* and we will give you the choice of:

  - £10 off your next purchase^

  - £5 off your next purchase & a donation of £5 to ClientEarth our chosen environmental charity^ 

You can then feel warm and fuzzy in the knowledge that your piece will either go to a local up-cycler or charity. We are always looking to reduce our impact to the environment so only as an absolute resort will your item meet landfill! Well done you! 

NB - This initiative is currently for in store purchases only

*Sorry but we're only a small independent shop so only items that can be carried by a single person. That means no sofas, beds, wardrobes etc...It is ultimately at the teller's discretion.

^£10 off your next purchase over £25. If you opt for the donation benefit, your £5 off is on purchases over £15. 

Social media is so so important in creating awareness about the environmental issues we face both at home and abroad. With your permission we would love to tag you in the finished articles made from the items you've donated. Our desire for this initiative is in the name. We would love it if, for every item purchased, another item big or small is being reused in some way rather than gathering dust and no longer serving a purpose.